Harnessing the power of
advanced battery technologies
to ensure a bountiful future
for our precious planet

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To lead the electrification of
mobility and contribute to
the global community
through clean energy

To preserve our irreplaceable planet and lead an ever-more environmentally friendly and prosperous global community into the future.
We want to expand the electrification of mobility and help realize the clean and seamless movement of people and goods.
Prime Planet Energy & Solutions specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced batteries that can be used over and over again at any time and in any place, and solutions that harness and make the most effective use of this energy.



Our core business is to
develop and manufacture
safe, secure, and
high-quality battery,
and to use these technologies
as the basis for a wide range of solutions.

High-performance batteries are required
in various scenarios and situations.
In addition to safe and high-quality products focused on mobility,
we are a leader in the field of next-generation battery technologies
thanks to our extensive range of energy-related solutions
designed to closely fit the needs of our customers.

battery development
Our core strength is extremely safe, high-quality, and high-performance batteries. We develop, manufacture, and sell batteries for mobility applications that can be used in complete peace of mind by all our customers. Our aim is to provide a stable supply in the rapidly expanding battery market and we are also working toward the practical application of next-generation batteries.
For a cleaner
global community
Through the electrification of mobility and the wider utilization of battery technologies, we provide an extensive range of solutions to help address global issues, including reducing CO2 emissions and lowering energy costs. With these solutions, our aim is to help achieve a cleaner environment and enrich people's lives around the world.



The best solutions
for our customers
through proven technology

Prime Planet Energy & Solutions is a leading developer and manufacturer of prismatic lithium-ion batteries, primarily for automotive applications.
We offer optimum solutions that meet the needs of our customers using top-class products with industry-leading safety, quality, and performance, which have been developed and nurtured with the cooperation of an extensive range of business partners.

High power type batteries
Batteries with superior power density and charge/discharge capabilities, primarily for hybrid vehicles
High capacity type batteries
Batteries with high energy density, primarily for pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles
Cells and modules
Cells and
We supply high-performance battery cells with the highest level of safety, reliability, and quality.
Strong engineering capabilities allow us to ensure a stable supply of products by, for example, developing our own production processes to realize large-scale production.
Battery packs and systems
Battery packs and
We offer packages of multiple cells that meet a wide range of needs, including systems that integrate cooling, and protective devices for enhanced safety and even longer battery life.
Proposals for electrification
Proposals for
Using our extensive corporate network, we can propose optimum solutions that include core battery technologies for realizing a wide range of electrified mobility, as well as the relevant components and systems.

Please note that Prime Planet Energy & Solutions will not sell automotive batteries to non-corporate customers. Our sales and support services are directed to meeting the requirements of automakers and customers considering the adoption of batteries for mobility solutions.

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